Pastor Bill’s Babbling Brook

Weekly Edition of Church News & Notes: 6.26.20

“Fear Not, I Am With You”-- God​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Sometimes it is natural to be afraid. As we have seen the number of Covid-19 cases increase into the thousands here in South Carolina, it is normal to be apprehensive and fearful. We certainly do not want to contract the virus or give it to those we love. It’s okay to be afraid! The good news is that when we are frightened, God draws us near to His heart and reminds us that He is our Shield and Strength. I pray that in these days of quarantine the Lord has been able to reassure you of His love and watchcare. When my children were younger and the thunderstorms came at night, Kristi and I would always invite them into our bed where they felt secure. (By the way, I normally ended up on the couch because of lack of room) But they would always fall fast asleep. May the Lord give us restful nights in the middle of these troubling days.

The Zoom Initiative​​​​​​​
Kristi and I miss getting together with you all. On Sunday mornings, we are extra excited for worship because we know that we can see you even with a mask on and wave to you as you leave. With this in mind, I’ve been thinking it would be good to have different times when groups of us could get together on zoom and just share how we are doing. My thought is that these meetings would last for around 30 minutes or so and we would conclude with a word of prayer. I guess the easiest way to execute such a program is to set a night for different age groups and then also offer a general group for people of all ages. Please let me know by either calling or texting me at 803-530-1565 or emailing me at wcfn316@yahoo.com if you are interested. More than likely we would probably meet from 7:30-8 for most groups although if our children would like to meet we will choose a time best for them. If we have enough people interested, we hopefully will begin soon.

New Ladies Bible Study Begins This Wednesday at 6:30​​​​​​​
The women have finished their study on the book of Jonah and this week will begin a new topic. Kristi Harmon leads the video study. You can participate either via Zoom or in person at the church.
Sermon Title For This Week: “Disappointed?!”​​​​​​​
Sometimes we just assume that Jesus’ life was filled with one success after another. This week as we vacation with our Savior from Matthew 11:1-18, we will realize how not everyone responded to Him like you would have thought. The bigger question might be, “Do we handle disappointments as well as Jesus did?” Hope you can join us in person or on Facebook Live at 11 AM on Sunday.

A Word for Our Teens From Pastor Victor​​​​​​​
Hey youth! We had a great turnout last Wednesday and had so much fun with everyone! Come join us again this Wednesday at our new time of 6:30pm in the family life center. You are welcomed to come a little early as well to hang out before we start. Invite all your friends, and we look forward to seeing you all then!


The Summer Devotional Books Are In!
You can pick up the Reflecting God devotional books at the church office. We will also be giving them out at our Drive-In Service on Sunday.

Reconciliation Ministries
Resident Recovery and Discipleship Program Root & Grounded Campaign
Our friends are attempting to buy a couple more buildings in their neighborhood where they could minister to more people with drug addictions. Right now they have individuals that will match our gift so that it will double the effect. Please consider giving at reconciliation-min.org.

Ministry Opportunities:​​​​​​​
Need A Group to Mow The Church’s Lawn By Sunday, July 12th Please let the Pastor or Doug Yandle know

Postponed Events:​​​​​​​
Family Camp
Teen & Children’s Camp​​​​​​​
Service Schedule​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Morning Worship at 11 AM at Church and on Facebook Live
Praise Service at 6 PM in the Church Parking Lot
Wednesday Devotions at 7 PM on Facebook Live
Wednesday Youth at 6:30 PM
Wednesday Ladies Bible Study at the Church or on Zoom at 6:30​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Encouraged By People’s Giving​​​​​​​
Ever since we canceled services a couple of weeks ago, people have been giving to the Lord and the church. We can’t tell you how much this means to us. There are four ways one can give. Many like to use the church’s secure website (wcfn316.com) to give their tithes and offerings. A few might like to text their gift to 803-219-4288. While others will mail it to the church at 350 Wattling Rd, West Columbia SC 29170. If you would like me to pick it up or if you would like to drop it off at the church, please just call me to set up a time. Again thank you for your faithfulness.


Letter From Pastor Bill

Hello friends,

The dog days of summer have arrived. I hope this email finds you in a cool place. This week at the church we have had a share of people dealing with physical difficulties. Mrs. Artie Cordell had to have surgery this past Thursday. Everything went well but she will probably be in the hospital for a week. Angel Rivera broke his leg. Marie Mahaffey will have kidney surgery in the near future to remove a tumor. Roxan Weed will have a heart ablation procedure in July. Bill Riley's daughter has Covid 19 and is in the hospital in Charleston. Please continue to remember our nation as we deal with the Coronavirus and with the social unrest. We need Jesus more than ever. I hope you can join us either in person or online for worship this Sunday at 11 and for our drive-in service at 6 in our parking lot.

God Bless

Pastor Bill