Pastor Bill’s Babbling Brook

Weekly Edition of Church News & Notes: 2.21.20

Time For A Check-Up!​​​​​​​
Revival can be like going to the doctor. For some of us, we are feeling pretty good but there might be some things going on inside of us that if not dealt with, could lead to serious problems. I believe God will use Rev. Lane Loman to bring to light aspects of our life that need God’s touch. It might be during the Sunday morning service that we receive the news we needed to hear or God might wait until Wednesday night, but He has a word for us. And then there are those of us who know we haven’t been feeling well for quite some type. God may need to surgically remove a bad attitude we have had towards someone or a sin that we are hung up on. This is the week when the Lord will use Dr. Loman to change our outlook and demeanor. Lastly, there are those who are still in the womb and need to be given life. This of course is the sinner that repents. Once they breathe the air of forgiveness and grace, they will begin a walk with the Lord that will amaze us all. Please don’t miss your check-up with the Great Physician. Revival begins Sunday morning and goes through Wednesday night.

Emphasis For Each Revival Service​​​​​​​
Following Sunday Morning Worship, we will have our monthly First Family Feast. The church is providing the Fried Chicken while we will supply the side items, desserts and drinks. You won’t want to miss this wonderful time of Fellowship. Then in the evening service at 6 PM, we will gather to sing the hymns of our faith. Rodney Bayne will bring the special in music and it promises to be a powerful service. On Monday Night, Doug Hudson will join us to sing several songs with a Southern Gospel flair. Tuesday Night is especially for Young Adults. From 5:30-6:30, a delicious Wings and Chips meal will be provided for this very busy group. Hope McCants, from Atlanta, GA, will sing. To cap off the week of Revival, we will have pizza before the service for all of our children and teens. Make plans today to join us each night.

Prayer Partners Via Text Messaging
This week, my prayer partner texted me this prayer: “Lord, I pray that You would give Pastor Bill and his family the strength and guidance they need during times of travel and dealing with a family member’s health. Thank you so much for what this family has done for my family as well as the community. Please watch over and protect them. Amen”. I can’t tell you how good I felt reading that prayer text. It was such a blessing. If you would like a blessing too, sign up to be a prayer text partner for the season of Lent until Easter.​​​​​​​

Alabaster Offering
Will Be Received This Sunday

Letter From Pastor Bill

Hello friends,

Hope all is well! Revival is just two days away. I hope you are praying with me for these services with Rev. Lane Loman. Our evangelist will also lead a special Sunday School lesson titled "Rediscovering the Holy Land" in the sanctuary at 9:55. During the service, we will also receive our Alabaster Offering for the spring. Following the service, everyone is invited to stay for the First Family Feast. The church is providing the fried chicken while we are encouraged to bring side items, desserts and drinks. Our Sunday night revival service will begin at 6 PM while the services from Monday-Wednesday will be at 7 PM. As far as prayer requests, please remember Lamar Self's family.  His mother passed away on Wednesday. Carol Johnson also died on Friday night. Keep Barbara Johnson and her family in your prayers. Others we are lifting up are: Rod Dinkins, Carolee Loar, Ben Pearman, Becky Drafts and all of our shut-ins. Hope to see you on Sunday.

God Bless,

Pastor Bill