Pastor Bill’s Babbling Brook
Weekly Edition of Church News & Notes: 9.11.20

Miranda’s Miracle​​​​​​​
Everyone enjoyed Miranda Birchmore’s testimony a few Sundays ago about how the Lord had touched her body after an infection put her in the hospital. She gave all praises to our wonderful Savior for her healing. So when I got a call last Saturday that Miranda had passed out at home and was being brought by ambulance to Lexington Medical Center, I was surprised. The family also told me that the medics had to perform CPR to revive her heart. At the emergency room, the doctors informed us that Miranda had two major blood clots in her lungs and there was also some bleeding on the brain, but their biggest concern was her not being responsive to any commands. They had to put her on the ventilator and were going to do some tests to see if she had any brain activity. As you can imagine, people all over the community were praying for God to touch. It didn’t look good. But praise the Lord, the nurses let the family know that by that night she was obeying commands and very responsive. By the next morning, the ventilator was off and she was sitting up talking. The nurses in the ICU gave Miranda the nickname “Miracle” which was certainly the case. Miranda continues to recover at Lexington in a regular room. Thank you for your prayers. We look forward to another beautiful testimony from this lady that God has healed.

Adult Bible Fellowship Class On Facebook Live A Success​​​​​​​
A good group of our people enjoyed Mrs. Doris Brown’s insightful teaching last week on Facebook Live. There might be others who would like to tune in. Please let them know that it begins at 10 AM this coming Sunday. If they aren’t available at that time, they can watch it later on our West Columbia First Facebook page. The lessons are dealing with the Ten Commandments.

Food Pantry Open This Thursday from 9- Noon​​​​​​​
The cars will begin to gather early on Thursday as families from our community will receive grocery items to help them get through the rest of the month. Debbie Riley directs this ministry and appreciates all the donations that are given. Here is the list of needed items: Spaghetti and sauce, canned vegetable and meat, cereal, ramen noodles, rice, toilet paper, peanut butter and jelly. You can either bring your donations to the church and place them in the foyer or drop them off at the church office any morning during the week. Thank you again for your generosity.

A Word For Our Teens From Pastor Victor​​​​​​​
We hope you all are having a great week! We are praying for all those who are going back to school and navigating everything in these crazy times. We know being back to school you all may get busy, but if you have time we’d still love to see you Wednesday’s at 6:30 for youth. We have one more week of the 10 commandments and then we’ll finish off with a fun outing! Hope to see you then!


ZOOM Meetings to Keep us Connected
Contact Pastor Bill and enjoy the fellowship
The Summer Devotional Books Are In!
You can pick up the Reflecting God devotional books at the church office.
We will also be giving them out at our Drive-In Service on Sunday.

Reconciliation Ministries
Resident Recovery and Discipleship Program Root & Grounded Campaign
Our friends are attempting to buy a couple more buildings in their neighborhood where they could minister to more people with drug addictions. Right now they have individuals that will match our gift so that it will double the effect. Please consider giving at reconciliation-min.org.

Ministry Opportunities:​​​​​​​
Need A Group to Mow The Church’s Lawn By Sunday, September 20th
Please let the Pastor or Doug Yandle know

Debbie Riley, who runs our Food Pantry Ministry, would like to thank everyone who brought in items or who financially supported our program. Countless families received groceries that will help them.​​​​​​​

Postponed Events:​​​​​​​
Family Camp
Teen & Children’s Camp​​​​​​​
Service Schedule​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Morning Worship at 11 AM at Church and on Facebook Live
Sunday Evening Drive In Service This Week at 6​​​​​​​:00 PM
Wednesday Youth at 6:30 PM
Wednesday Ladies Bible Study at the Church or on Zoom at 6:30​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ PM
Wednesday Night Devotionals With Pastor Bill on Facebook Live at 7:00 PM
“The Last Words Of Paul”
A Study of the Book of Philippians

Encouraged By People’s Giving​​​​​​​
Throughout the pandemic, people have been giving to the Lord and the church. We can’t tell you how much this means to us. There are five ways one can give. We have resumed Sunday morning worship services at 11 am at the church so you may bring your offerings with you. Many like to use the church’s secure website (wcfn316.com) to give their tithes and offerings. A few might like to text their gift to 803-219-4288. While others will mail it to the church at 350 Wattling Rd, West Columbia SC 29170. If you would like me to pick it up or if you would like to drop it off at the church, please just call me to set up a time. Again thank you for your faithfulness.

Letter From Pastor Bill

Hello friends,

Hope all is well! We are still praising the Lord for his touch on Miranda Birchmore. She has been moved to a regular room and continues to improve. Thank you for your prayers. On Sunday, we begin a new sermon series called "Heavenly Parables". But don't be mislead, these stories Jesus told have more to do with what is required to make it to heaven than about the actual place. Hope you can join us either in person or online. The Adult Bible Fellowship Class will also Live Stream their lesson at 10 AM on Facebook Live. As far as prayer requests, please remember those affected by the wildfires in the West.  Dr. Ward's nephew lives in Oregon and had to be evacuated. Thanks again for being part of our church family.

God Bless

Pastor Bill