05.21.2021 -  
The original plan was a late Movie Night at the Big Mo’s Drive-in but because they have yet to open, we may need to change our venue. Maybe a Bonfire at the Self's sounds like fun or maybe an evening at Frankie’s Fun Park! We have several options but the event is yet to be announced. Hopefully all of our teens and sponsors are up to the adventure. If one of these choices is more appealing than another, please let Peggy Self or Pastor Bill know. As always, all friends are welcomed.
05.25.2021 -  
Lizard's Thicket in Oak Grove at 9:00 am. Come enjoy great food and fellowship.
When there is a natural disaster anywhere in the world, the Nazarene Disaster Response Team is often called to bring crisis care kits to those who have been displaced. These five-gallon zip-locked bags have everything a person needs to get by. This year, our church would like to provide 200 crisis care kits to be used around the world and even here in the United States. Lisa Lewis, our missions leader, has developed a plan where this can be accomplished. Instead of trying to bring all the different items at one time, we will focus on a particular need each month. For April, we are asking for Sturdy Combs. We also still need travel-size Kleenex packs (each care kit gets 4 packs). There will be a box in the foyer to drop them off.
The guys will lace up the cleats and begin the journey for another title. If you enjoy playing softball, see coach Tommy Lewis for the details. Monday, May 10 at 7pm @ Pine Grove Softball Complex. Players and a Cheering Crowd are needed. More importantly, please pray for us as we attempt to reach out to some ballplayers who don’t know our wonderful Savior.
Use a little down time to check on members of the church family. A directory is available if you need one. This is a perfect time to let someone know they are being thought about and prayed for.
If you need help, or are willing to be of assistance to someone else, please let Pastor Bill know. Together, we will become stronger.
There are times when someone from our church family would benefit from a prepared meal, perhaps after a hospitalization or illness. If you would be willing to provide an occasional meal for someone in need, please let us know.
Galatians 6:2 states, “Carry each other's burdens and in this way you have fulfilled the Law of Christ.” Our prayer partner program is one of the ways we can do this. We are grateful for those who have signed up, but I still would like more to join. Please consider being willing to send a prayer text to someone each week for the months of February and March. The bulletin will have a place where you can sign up to be a prayer partner or you can text me your desire to participate. I am convinced that the prayer partners program will totally change our church forever. Please sign up through the bulletin or text/call Pastor Bill at 803-530-1565
Men’s Bible Study with Curtis Martin. Ladies Bible Study with Kristi Harmon. Adult Bible Study with the McKinney’s. Youth and Children Activities
By law, any CWC person must get permission of the church to carry on the church grounds. Please let the pastor know if you would like this permission. Two of our officers, Luis Rivera and Rodney Bayne will be required to keep a list of all approved. Please text, call or email the pastor regarding permission prior to carrying on church grounds.
Wednesday nights 6:30 PM with Curtis Martin. (click on more info)