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Our church is located at 350 Wattling Road in West Columbia, South Carolina.  We first began in 1944 in a small building on Holland Street in West Columbia.  In 1994 we moved to our current location.  We built a new sanctuary at this location in 2008.  We have a cherished history and would love for you to be a part of our future. 

We believe that through friendships and acceptance, others can be brought to Christ.  We offer many activities that allow growth.  Listed below are some of the ministries we provide.

We believe that children are a gift from God.  Our kids enjoy many exciting events like trips to the zoo, Upwards basketball and Fall Festival.  Their spirits are fed through programs such as Children's Worship, Catechism classes for grades 4-6 and Bible Quizzing. They minister for God and for His glory through the inspirational Christmas play and other service projects.    


We believe that our Teens are our future.  We have an active Youth Ministry that meets on Wednesday nights.  They enjoy going to Christian Concerts, Mission Trips, Movie Nights, paint ball and various other activies together.  


We believe that spreading the Gospel around the world is one of our callings.  Our church supports 751 missionaries located in 159 countries around the globe.  Each year we have the privilege of hosting a missionary who is home on leave.  We hear first hand the exciting work that God is providing.  Along with this, each month our missionary director leads an evening service that inspires, informs, and educates us on current issues facing our world. 

We believe that Senior Adults are our heritage.  We appreciate the history they have provided, but know that God still has much in store for them.  Our Seniors stay active with monthly suppers, Movie Nights, trips to the mountains, and plenty of activities in between.  There are no rocking chairs for this group!  Lots of get up and go!

We believe that the ladies of our church enjoy spending time together.  They have enjoyed designing pottery, preparing freezer meals, and swapping homemade Christmas ornaments.  Be sure to join in on these fun activities.

We believe that the men in our church provide a sturdy backbone.  You will find them making needed repairs around the church, landscaping the grounds, and protecting the integrity of our building.  Our men meet on the last Tuesday of every month at Lizard's Thicket and enjoy a hearty lunch together.  This fellowship is enjoyed by all ages. 

We believe that physical activities are good for the body and soul.   Exciting times are always found at our softball games (Men's and Co-ed Teams) and basketball games. The kids love to compete in our Upwards Leagues.  Those who do not want to play enjoy cheering the teams on!  There is something exciting for everyone!