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We designate a time every Sunday morning where friends gather and discuss God's word.  Children and teens have an age appropriate lesson to set those foundations that are so important.  Adults have a variety of subject matter and teaching styles. 

It is our prayer that while reading these descriptions, you will find a group that interests you.  Try them out and get to know some new friends.  We believe that through deliberate time in God's word, you will grow.  These Sunday Morning Bible Studies offer a great time for growth.

Nursery and Toddlers:
Leaders:  Debbie Riley

Babies!  We love them and welcome them!  In this class, infants to 2 years old will learn about Jesus through visual aids and songs.

Preschool Class:
Leaders:  DeWitt and Donna Jenkins

The Jenkins have a big heart for our 3-5 year olds.  Through hands on activities and exciting stories, children learn about our heroes from the Bible.

Primary Class
Leader:  Dot Livingston

Children from 1st-3rd grade love to be in Mrs. Dot's class.  Activites such as the Verse-A-Month Club to learning the Lord's Prayer to hearing stories from the Bble keep these children excited every week.

Pre-Teen Class
Leader:  Martha Romanstine

By the time children are in grades 4-6, they can start to apply Biblical aspects to their daily lives.  In this class, they learn to identify daily choices and how God wants to be a part of those decisions. 

The Teens Class
Leaders:  John & Joni Lowrimore and Lisa Pruett

In this class, teens will learn how to apply God's Word to their pressure filled environment.   These leaders have a heart for teenagers that expresses itself through their conversations both before and after class.  The kids know they have a place where they are loved and are allowed to express themselves. 

College and Career Class:
Leaders:  Curtis and Regina Martin

This class is for those who have graduated high school and are either attending college or are in the work field.  It's an exciting but challenging time in a young person's life.  Curtis leads the class every Sunday and gives them life lessons to help them face hard times with God's grace and love.

Young Adult Class
Leader:  John and Charlotte Sanders
This class of young adults loves to have discussion about the Bible and current issues.  John and Charlotte Sanders enjoy heading up this group which consists of college aged to young married adults. 

Friendship Class
Leader:  Jeff Williams

The name says it all...groups of friends coming together to study God's Word.  Ages in this class vary, so everyone is invited.  A wide range of study topics include popular issues to Books from the Bible.  Discussions are encouraged but not required. 

Ladies Class
Leader:  Linda Hagins

What a great time our Ladies have together!  This closely knit group seeks God's direction through studying His word together.   They are currently using The Message by Eugene Peterson to gain new insights.  A shared love for adventure and travel has led the Ladies Class on many trips to explore Lighthouses all over America.  If this excites you, there is a seat at the table with your name on it! 

Senior Adults
Leaders: David McDaniel & Doris Brown
The Senior Adults are so busy, it takes two teachers to keep up!  These two amazing leaders alternate to bring a new message every week that has been carefully, prayerfully and dutifully prepared.